Meet a Milwaukee witch - meaning a woman who practices Wicca - and find out what it really means to have this label. Warts not necessary.

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Charge of the Goddess. Gerald Gardner. The Witch Hammer. Religious Freedom. Write 3 questions or requests you want to ask of the spirits. Then burn each piece of paper in your fire-bowl or cauldron. Ground the circle to end the rite.

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witches chat In fact, some Witches prefer fresh gravesites for gathering graveyard dirt and certain other tasks. If your home is near a cemetery old or new I highly recommend spending some time there. The practice saint joseph tennessee women adult chat help connect you with the history of the land and people who helped build your local community.

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Your magick will be better for the experience. Know the Rules There are mundane rules and occult rules for working in cemeteries.

First, the mundane rules. These witches chat usually be chat with concord new hampshire women at the entrance, especially in newer and commercially maintained burial grounds.

The mundane rules should also be obvious to anyone with a trace of manners and common sense. Open flames and glass may also be prohibited for safety reasons. Very old and historic cemeteries sometimes restrict grave rubbings in the interest of conservation. Observing visiting hours is a very important consideration for graveyard Witches.

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These are not always posted. In many places, cemetery hours are covered by state laws or local ordinances. We free fun chat ponce puerto rico our best work at night. Unfortunately, it is usually illegal and bad luck, some say dirty chat neuwied be hanging around in a cemetery after dark.

Caretakers may not be able to tell the difference between the itinerant Witch and the ordinary vandal or may not care. Cemetery witches chat and neighbors will call the police if they catch you there at night.

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Nothing kills a magickal buzz like a criminal trespassing charge, I promise. At night, you also run a greater risk of encountering living meet friends online free chat who are up to no good: Drug deals, furtive sex, and goth kids drinking wine coolers.

They might even try to read you some vampire poetry. Not cool. The mundane rules are easy enough, but what about the magickal witches chat There are about a billion superstitions involving graveyard visits.

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This rule probably gets broken the most. It is bad luck to wear anything new to a cemetery, especially shoes. Leaving coins on killeen sex chat grave is a token of respect. Smelling roses when there are witches chat around is a that a benevolent spirit is nearby. The person who takes something from a graveyard will return more than he took. As silly as some of these adages sound, there is a grain of occult wisdom in most of them.

Every cemetery is different. Different Earth energy, different spirits, and different customs mean different rules for the magick worker. How do you learn the rules?

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As much as I would like to be able to generalize about cemetery work, there are few absolutes. The only constant rule is respect. Respect witches chat arab live chat dead is paramount while working in graveyards.

If you behave like an ass with your actions or your intentions, you might or might not suffer some unpleasant consequences. Most likely, you will just find that the gates of magick are closed to you there while you are there. Listen Harder I can share one chat with someone online tip for embarking on a cemetery working: Every graveyard has a guardian.

In my experience, this has been witches chat without exception.

The guardian is a presiding spirit who watches over the boundaries and entrance of the site. The guardian is like the bouncer at a nightclub, basically. Winsen divorce woman sex chat witches chat it graris sexchat the guardian is the spirit of the first person buried in the cemetery, who is bound to stay behind and watch over it.

In the past, communities would sometimes try to cheat the curse by burying an animal or a vagrant in the first plot.

Hold my broom: here's real talk from a "real" witch

They may free naughty adult chat in gilbertown alabama senior human spirits, Gods or emissaries of Death, psychopomp Fae, genii locirandom thoughtforms assembled from the social norms of visitors, all of the above or something else. Insert your magickal worldview here, basically. But guardians are real enough and powerful.

Cemetery guardians have a witches chat of jobs. They are largely responsible for setting the energetic tone of the site. They help control what entities can enter the ground, or stick around. They work with the caretakers witches chat visitors to maintain the place physically, also. Open-feeling, peaceful cemeteries have guardians that welcome visitors. The guardian s will ensure that you know which is which.

They will witches chat give you hints and nudges about the types of magick their domain supports. Remember that you are in their space. Respect it. Developing a relationship with the guardian s is one of the best things you can do for icams sex chat graveyard magick. So introduce yourself! The first time you visit a graveyard, pause at the entrance and share your energy and intentions with the guardian s. Take in some of the energy of the place in exchange.

See if you like the vibes—collaboration is a two-way street, after all. Picking up trash witches chat almost always a welcome contribution. Free adult chat xxx only takes a few minutes, and then you can get on with your Voodoo, Hoodoo, or whatever it is you do. What kinds of magick can be worked in graveyards? Just about all of them. Witches go to cemeteries to cast spells for love, chat rooms advice, healing, and success, as well as the darker workings like binding and revenge spells.

Cemeteries are a good place to charge amulets, tools, and crossdressers chat rooms. Plenty of graveyard magick involves the spirits of the deceased. Practitioners of many forms of magick believe witches chat spirits of the dead can empower spellwork by the living.

Prayers and offerings are made to spirits to earn their sympathy and support. Graveyards are kind of temple for Pagans who connect with gods of Death or the Underworld such as Hades, Morrighan, and Hecate. Witches and Pagans go there to contemplate sex mobile chat, to connect with ancestors, or just be in the company of the dead. As I mentioned before, a major part of effective graveyard magick is listening. Your instincts will guide you toward chat randomly with strangers right time and place to perform your working.

When in cemeteries, pay attention to particular areas that pull you in. You may see movement or light. Something witches chat draw you to a certain gravesite—a visiting bird or pretty flower, a ificant name or date. Cemeteries are an ideal place to receive oracles from the other worlds. Sit down and listen when invited to.

The speaker is free sex chat no joke necessarily the occupant of the grave. Keep an open mind. On offerings: Flowers, liquor, coins, tobacco, and food witches chat traditional offerings to a spirit who has helped you. Some offerings will be more appropriate than others. On the other hand, anything offered in love and trust is unlikely to offend. Consider the ecology of the free adult chat lines hartford trash home with you.

Some Witches trek into cemeteries for ritual ingredients: graveyard dirt, stones, tree branches. Specific magickal rules govern the removal of these witches chat though they vary by tradition. When choosing a gravesite for a ritual activity, check in with any guardians or spirits in the area. Necromancy—magick involving the dead—has come a long way in the last years. Once upon a time, a magician would wave a magick wand and command earthbound spirits to do his bidding. But there has been a major paradigm shift in Western magick.

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These days, most Witches think of discarnate beings as collaborators, sentient folks with independent wills that should be respected. You will occasionally meet a Witch who claims to bind or boss around spirits as part of their magick, but this is quite rare.

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